Caroline Bouton Designs

My original maps have been reproduced as
posters, campus and local area guides,

wedding program covers,

party favors, and notecards.

Prices start at $450 for 

unframed 14 x 17 designs

to be used for personal reproduction only.

My maps are one-of-a-kind works of art.
Created with ink and watercolor,
each original piece celebrates
personal experience and
a love of place.
Every project is perfectly suited to
an individual purpose or occasion and
makes a unique gift, remembrance, or representation.

They have been created to recognize
vacations, weddings, birthdays,
town events, family reunions, anniversaries,
retirements and holidays.

Most recently, I have created a guide to Princeton, NJ, a school campus map and a map of Maine's Acadia National Park.

Whimsical cartography for every latitude and longitude

Each map is filled with detail. 
I start each commission with your list of important places, activities, and items.

Your photos, memories, and suggestions are what make the map so apt and
I welcome your input as I work.

I also research the area myself

to enhance design elements.

Scale and proportion are handled

in a whimsical manner; each map is laid out with aesthetic topography

and a spirit of precision in mind.

After my pencil sketch meets your approval, the final 14x17 map

is outlined with black  ink and

given life with watercolor paint.

Copyright © Caroline Bouton. All rights reserved.