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Flock of Colors: Sails, 16 x 20'', $130

Plants are filled with vessels--

seen and unseen--

that allow them to survive. 

A veined leaf reveals this structure,

as does a transparent stem. 

Plants also produce and distribute vessels; what are flowers and fruits but containers for seed-making and dispersal?

What is a seed but a vessel of life?   

Bottles, 8 x 10, $150

The Pieces, 8 x 10'', $150

Quentin's Dyers, 8 x 10'', $125 

Blue Vessels, 16 x 20'', $300

Red Boat, Stern, 8 x 8,'' $125

Leaf and Stem

Vessel  /ˈves·əl/

2.  A tubular structure in the vascular system of a plant 

      serving to conduct water and nutrients from the root.