Caroline Bouton Designs

The intersection of flowing curves and firm angularity within the practice of yoga intrigues me.

Inspired by my own experience,

this series of geometrically grounded pieces considers how “the principles of yoga apply to all people,

to all bodies,”as Matthew Sanford asserts in

Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence.  Dedicated to transforming loss into potential

by awakening the mind-body connection,

Sanford is a pioneer in adapting yoga for

people living with disability.  Pointing out that

“we all live on a continuum of abilities and disabilities,”

he embodies my belief in the healing power of

yoga for everybody. 

Geometry, sold

Flock of Colors I, sold

Twenty Six, sold

Sampler I, sold

For Every Body, 16 x 20", $225

Copyright © Caroline Bouton. All rights reserved.

Snow Day Yoga, sold

Shape-Shifting Series

Twenty Six II,  8 x 8'', $125

Studio Space, 8 x 8,'' $75

Balance, sold

Sampler, Breathe, 5 x 5", $75