Caroline Bouton Designs

At the Shore, sold

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Fish I, 4 x 4", $75

Frenchman Bay II, sold

Buoy Trio, 11  x 14'', $200

Fish II, 4 x 4", $75

Fall Where They May, 8 x 10", $150

Red Boat, sold

Summer spent in New England

is a consistent thread through my life.

I savor the opportunity to return repeatedly

to familiar places, which rewards me with

depth of experience and understanding.

Waking early to paint and then

exploring outside throughout the day,

I try to follow the advice of E.B. White: 

“Always be on the lookout for

the presence of wonder.” 

I love finding inspiration in what I discover.

Long Pond Blueberries,  sold

Combing, 8 x 10'', $125

Frenchman Bay I, sold

Shelf at Green Briar, 8 x 10'', $225

Smaller World, 8 x 10," $125

Ripening IV, sold

Lobster II, 8 x10", $100

Smallish World, 8 x 10," $125

Sampler IV, Champlain,  sold

Sampler V, Acadia Lichen, 5 x 5'', $75

Sand Dollar III, sold

Cobble Cairn, sold

Laundry Line, 8 x 10'', $125

Summer Visits Series

Sill at Green Briar, 8 x 10'', $225

Somes Star, 8 x 10'', $125