Shelf at Green Briar, 8 x 10'', $225

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Shelf at Green Briar, 8 x 10'', $225

Sampler IV, Champlain,  sold

Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Summer Visits pieces will be donated to HomeFront to support their

therapeutic art program, ArtSpace. 

Learn more about HomeFront:

Sampler V, Acadia Lichen, 5 x 5'', $75

Sand Dollar III, sold

Cobble Cairn, sold

Laundry Line, 8 x 10'', $125

Summer Visits Series

Sill at Green Briar, 8 x 10'', $225

Somes Star, 8 x 10'', $125

Caroline Bouton Designs

Buoy Trio, 11  x 14'', $200

Combing, 8 x 10'', $125

Smallish World, 8 x 10," $125

Fish II, 4 x 4", $75

Lobster II, 8 x10", $100

Frenchman Bay II, sold

Porch, sold

Long Pond Blueberries,  sold

At the Shore, sold

Red Boat, sold

Frenchman Bay I, sold

Ripening IV, sold

In summer, I spend time in New England,

where a home-away-from-home awaits me. 

I savor the opportunity to return repeatedly

to familiar places, which rewards me with

depth of experience and understanding.

Waking early to paint and then

exploring outside throughout the day,

I try to follow the advice of E.B. White: 

“Always be on the lookout for

the presence of wonder.” 

I love finding inspiration in what I discover.

Smaller World, 8 x 10," $125

Fish I, 4 x 4", $75

Fall Where They May, 8 x 10", $150