As a volunteer puppy raiser for

Canine Companions for Independence (,

I was first inspired to try a watercolor dog portrait

by my pup, Myrtle. 

Perhaps I was influenced by my interest in mapping;

I now like to think of my canine portraits

as topographic dog maps! 

Since I painted her,

Myrtle has left for Professional Training--

and returned as my pet...she didn't make the cut!--but I am still experimenting in this realm. 

I love being with dogs, and painting them, too!

Che, 8 x 10''

Cuba Lou, 8 x 10''

Topo Dogs Series

My custom dog portraits

are worked from your photo.

Prices start at $150

for an unframed, 8 x 10 piece.

Valley, 8 x 10"

Myrtle, 8 x 8"

Embrie, 8 x 8"

Copyright © Caroline Bouton. All rights reserved.

Brody, 8 x 10''

Eloise, 5 x 7"

Caroline Bouton Designs