Clean Sweep

Working in Watercolor

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Caroline Bouton Designs

I've organized my watercolors into a collection titled

Vessels: Ordinary Treasure.

The concept of vessels--in their great breadth of forms--spans time and place.  
Defined in numerous ways--both man-made and natural--vessels surround and support all of us.  
Such abundant variety offers me

a broad and energizing theme; 
I focus here on subjects

I have enjoyed painting over the years--
especially plant-filled containers and

objects found in nature--
and have expanded into new terrain through

research and experimentation as well.  
I’ve been engaged by the details of

ceramics from antiquity, the beauty of broken glass, 
the fragile containment offered by

egg’s shell or fruit’s skin.  
Having savored the opportunity to prepare these pieces, 
I am so grateful for the gifts of time, space, and quiet which make this work possible.