I try to follow the advice of E.B. White: “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” 

Living near mountains makes this easy--

every day, the elements combine to shift our local landscape

and the neighborhood view is surprising and magical.

Throughout the past year, I hiked nearby Mt. Kearsarge every week and

as the seasons changed I came to see the mountain itself as a vessel. 

Under my feet, I found a container for my thought,

for worry and fear, imagination and creativity,

intense gratitude and deep appreciation of nature’s aesthetic gifts. 

From afar, Kearsarge--Donald Hall’s “Great Blue Mountain!”--

also appeared  to me as vessel, whether resting securing on its rim or

in bowl-shaped, lake reflection .

With this series, I'll consider Kearsarge from various perspectives of place and time.

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Blue, blue!