My Story

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Caroline Bouton Designs

Having recently settled in New London, NH,
after six years  spent in NJ

with my husband and growing daughters,
I continue to be most content
when working with focus at home.
I savor opportunities to be
absorbed in a project,
surprised by time's passage
and so satisified that
I have transferred an idea onto paper.

At 53, I'm largely self-taught as a watercolor artist.
With a BA in English/Fine Arts
from Colgate University and
MS in Environmental Studies

from Antioch University New England,
I have long considered 

the meaning of place.

Local art teachers have introduced

new techniques and energy

into my practice.

I've been drawing tiny whimsical figures 

in imaginatively rendered settings

since childhood.

From my earliest undertakings--

notecards, after-school projects, holiday gifts--

to my most recent maps,

my style has remained light-hearted.